Thursday, August 13, 2009

Woah, it's been a while.

Ok, so here I'm finding trying to write a blog when you have dial up and the letter E is missing from the keyboard is just not working for me. I have high speed internet, now a new lap top is in order.
I promise to get back the mojo as soon as I get back from Vacation.
I am pretty luck because this fall all the kids will be in Kinder and I will have all my mornings free!!! Imagine having 3 hours a day to work on my blog and my ETSY??? I'll be rocking it!

In the meantime, I'm reading so many great things on all my fave blogs, and I'm about to add a few more to that list. There are wonderful blogs cropping up evereyday!

So I'm off for a couple of weeks, but like I said,I'll be back with my Mojo and new found hours to my day, woohoo! Can't wait to share allmy new ideas and some of th nwe stuff that will be in the store!


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