Friday, July 29, 2011

Sliders?? The perfect size burger for me!

Ok, it seems to me everywhere you turn everyone is BBQ'ing right now....and slider burgers (those mini ones, for the history click here) seem to be all the rage. So when they were on special at M&M meats, I got 2 boxes (12 in each for 4.99!!), I figured even if I don't like them, my son will. He is not obsessed with food like me, he eats it for living, he doesn't live to eat. He also doesn't ever finish a regular sized burger, so these are the perfect size.
I decided to try them out for me to, I chose to also alter a recipe I saw in the "O" magazine, which has an fried egg on top of the beef, and it is an open faced burger. For the recipe, click here.
This is my version.

If you look closely, I did not use a my journey to try and stay away from as much gluten as possible, I have started using grilled eggplant as my "bun" ...if you slice it about 3/4" thick and grill it (I salt the slices and let the bitter drip out for a couple hours ahead of time) it dries out slightly (don't let it get charred or the bitter will be right back, not speaking from experience or anything!!!) and makes a great bun!
It looks pretty and tasted prettier!!
I did not fry the egg, but used my handy poacher (I was thinking there was enough saturated fat in the beef and egg, why add butter to the mix?) and although you cannot see it, there is a dab of grainy mustard in there to add some punch....the whole things tasted soooo good and I did not miss the bun at all. So you do one slice of grilled eggpant with a dab of mustard, one slice of tomato, then the patty, then the egg, then fresh lettuce from the garden (we have a really nice community garden here) and a sprig of parsley also fresh from the garden. I served it with a side of caesar salad (which my son approves of greatly) and put it on a fairly small plate so it looked like a huge meal....that trick does work because I seem to eat less and still feel full! My son had his on a slider burger bun, and to my surprise, he ate 2 burgers and his side of salad, so it made me very happy!!
Next, I will try a Mahi Mahi burger on eggplant, that should really be good.


PS, sorry my blogging is sparse to say the least, but summers are so short here in Calgary, so most of my tine is spent outside while there is no snow or rain....hopefully I'll post something new by Sundy, but don't hold your breath!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blessings of Living in Canada

I know there are many wonderful places to travel to all over the world, and maybe one day I will get to see them in more than just pictures, but for now I am loving travelling through parts of Canada.

"Canada (play /ˈkænədə/) is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. It is the world's second largest country by total area." That is a little excerpt from Wiki-Pedia. What they don't say in there is that Canada is also the best country to live in, by far, no other place can match it in it's beauty and it's kind people. I was not born here, but I am so proud to be Canadian, it is a beautiful feeling!

The Burmis Tree.

David at Lake Koocanusa.

The lake at Salmo/Creston Pass.

Christina Lake, the warmest lake in Canada.

Poulson Bridge.

Columbia Valley Region, breathtaking!

The Hoo Doo's a few  kilometers before Fairmont Hot Springs.

It was not a Disneyland holiday, no amusement parks to go to, no wax museums or island gettaways....just a road trip through the amazing Rockies, Kootenays and Columbia Valley. The most beautiful thing about it was that my 7 year old son said "This was the best Vacation ever!!" to me as we drove the last few kilometres through the rockies and into the foothills. We sometimes don't need a whole lot of commercialism to make the kid smile, LOVE IT!!!
I also wanted to mention, that there are not many places I would feel safe driving over 1500 kilometres alone with my child, but in Canada, anything is possible!



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