Sunday, March 6, 2011

Home Made Glimmer Mist and Even Glimmer Glam

As you all may have already figured out, I am a frugal crafter....I try to get it on sale, on clearance, with a coupon or even trade it. Sometimes I spend $$ when it is to save somewhere else. In this case, I bought some paints, full price (between 2.50 and 3.50 each!) but they did not break the bank.
When I saw this post, HomeMade Glimmer Mist by Shoegirl's Creations....I, of course had to try it. I have a huge issue with paying so much ($8-10) for something I can make for myself for ($1 or 2). I gathered up my supplies (she has a list of what you will need in there) and got making the stuff.

I chose 4 colours I did not have at all in my small and frugal collection of glimmer mists.

You can see the shimmer at the bottom of my mini mister.
This is the blue once it was dry.
The bottle I re-used was a nearly empty body spray mini, perfect for this project!

I sprayed them all on kraft chipboard, the shimmer of the green is a gorgeous golden green.
That was the pearly one, which is my fave, as it looks like the one called Marshmallow from Tattered Angels.
I made this one with paint and modpodge.
 Once I had made 3, I decided to venture out and try to make a matte mist, like the chalk ones Tattered Angels makes, I wanted something in pinky and pretty, so I used about 2 tablespoons of pink and one of Modpodge and I got the results I wanted.

I have a layer of green shimmer, then I masked it and added the pink matte spray, the results are stunning!
This is the Extreme Glitter diluted in the water.
I did the Extreme Glitter the same as all the others, I diluted it in water in a small jar, but I noticed the particles were much larger... *light bulb* ... just like Glimmer Glam!

It has the sparkle of Glimmer Glam, at a much smaller price.
So all of them are just diluted, nothing else in the mix. I did notice that they are of course not as pigmented as some of the real Glimmer Mists, but then again, I find that sometimes less is more. I am going to add some re-inker to the glimmer glam, to make it brighter...I'll see how it goes. Thus far, I am loving the results and the fact that I can make more when I run out. In the mean time, I have been creating all sorts, so come back and look later on, I'll show you what I've done!

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Also, I'm going to have to figure out how to make the Glimmer Glaze, how hard can that be??


Sybillinart said...

Thank you V. for sharing ;) I have to find small spray bottle and try that too!!

Donnie said...

That could really save a lot of money. Thanks for the link too.

Shore Girl said...

Thanks for linking back to me --- I'll have to try your version of Matte Mist. So fun playing with these frugal mists.

Bee happy said...

that's amazing, you find all the best stuff.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Terry said...

I'm so glad you linked this to my party. Not only have I watched a bunch of You Tube videos trying to figure out how to make Glimmer mist, I tried to make some and it didn't turn out. I need to pick up some metallic paint next time I go shopping. I'll be highlighting your project this weekend and I hope you'll share more things!

NY_LUVTOY said...

very cool!


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