Tuesday, March 22, 2011

David's "Hollywood" Birthday Bash

When I asked David what kind of party he wanted, he said a Movie Star party would be nice...never been to one, so I had to do some research on the net to come up with just the right stuff!
There are of course tons of online stores that sell everything from mini Oscar statuettes, to red carpets and pre-made invites. I am however, a DIY kind of girl, so even thought I did cave and bought a few items at Canuck Amusements (the local party and trophy store), I made do with our great Dollarama and Dollar Giant stores, my trusty printer (not so trusty with the colour black though) and handmade/homemade items for the party.

David chose the TV dinner cupcakes, (from the book, Hello Cupcake) which turned out perfect, everyone was kinda not sure what to make of them at first, they looked that real! They also had popcorn in cute paper popcorn boxes (from Dollar Giant), Corn Dogs and curly fries, and I put out goblets full of candies such as skittles, licorice and fruit chews. They love it that I let them eat candy first , before thy even had supper, but what are parties for? to do things you don't normally do and eat things how you want!!!

The peas and carrots are Skittles and Startburst, the mashed is plain frosting, melted caramel and fruit chew butter.

Fried chicken drumsticks! That's a Timbit and frosting covered with cornflakes, topped with a white chocolate bone.

It looks lovely and ready to be eaten.
I also made some white chocolate covered pretzels, David's fave.

The decor wasn't too hard to do, my house has a lot of clutter, shelves full of books and board games and lots of toys, so I moved as much as I could out of the way, and a lot of the decor was kept up high.

The disco ball was a must, and that's birthday tinsel/garland.

The kids got VIP passes at the door, sunglasses and a boa if they wanted.
For their award they got a Golden Letter and had to make a speech if they wanted.

That's my David as Michael Jackson, walking the "Red" carpet I laid down.

I didn't do real goodie bags full of junk, they got a paper popcorn bag where they put their sun glasses, stickers from playing bingo (we used Spiderman and Tinkerbell stickers to mark our numbers, and I have a real bingo set with the spinner ball!!), their letter (Dollar Giant letters, painted in gold and trimmed with glitter), their boa and they got to take home their VIP passes (printed at home and used Dollar store name badges to put them in). I figured they ate a lot of candies and sweets at my house, they didn't need any more. They burned off some energy outside and came in had popcorn and watched a movie. I imagined it being chaos (9 seven year old's sitting down for a movie, am I crazy???) but it was great, everyone sat, with their box of popcorn and watched "Marmaduke", perfect movie for that age too.

Before sitting down to a movie, the kids all went outside and burned a large sparkler each, and ran around playing tag for a bit.
I think the party was a success, and everyone had a great time!

Not sure how we will top it for next year....but I may just have to start the planning now!


Anonymous said...

What a Hoot!! I love the cupcakes.... They look like mashed potatoes & peas & carrots etc!!
I love it!!
Have a Peaceful Evening....

Christine H. said...

Wow, do you know how to have fun. And I never saw carrots and peas look so good. Your son's a very fortunate young man.

Bee happy said...

You've done a fab job on this party, everything looks great!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

WobiSobi said...

That party looked so fun and Wow those cupcakes I had to stare at them for a few minutes. they look so good. Wonderful job..


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