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Pulled BBQ pork in the crock pot- Super easy and basically never fail, you can even play with the ingredients and it still turns out!

Strawberry Plum Jam (low sugar)- I love that I can now make jam without the huge amounts of sugar it normally takes for pectin to set. Great for diabetics too!

Pepian Negro (Beef in dark sauce) My sister requested this recipe, it is again from a little booklet titled "Cocina Guatemalteca", it has some other really great traditional Guatemalan recipes.

Cak- Ik (Kak-Ik) Guatemalan Turkey Soup.
This recipe is one of the best I found and it comes from a little booklet titled "Cocina Guatemalteca".

Slider Burgers Low Carb Style This post explains how I re-worked a recipe for me to be able to enjoy it in a low carb way!

Biscotti Recipe- This is not only the best biscotti recipe I have ever used, it is also the easiest. You can easily play around with the flavours without altering the texture.


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