Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Dinner Menu

Since I've started  a on a path to not just lose weight but change my lifestyle, I have reduced my carb intake (mainly all the grains are gone) to get a hold of my insulin before it becomes type 2 diabetes! Anyhow, my Dr. Did say something about the way my body makes insulin and stores energy as fat and not usable I decided I'd have to stomp it out before it became trouble.
Anyhow, Easter Dinner.... usually it's laden with carbs such as sweet potatoes, rice, stuffings, pies, buns, and all sorts of goodies from the oven.
So this year, nuhuh, we are not having it!
The menu will be boiled ham (secret recipe that makes it taste incredible, I'll share it in  a minute....) with apple sauce and Russian mustard, garlic carrots, cucumber tomato salad, cauliflower mash and for dessert low carb Crepe and Strawberry Layer Cake.
I will have pictures for you tomorrow, since that is when I plan to make dinner.
In the mean time, I want to know what everyone else is having!!!

Cheers and happy happy Easter,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wise beyond his years...

Today my son had a bit of a meltdown, it's not as unusual as you might think, even if he does look mostly angelic. He just wants to do things his way or no way at all, and doesn't understand that sometimes he is limited by his age and size or by his choices.
So it went like this; he decided to set his Wii character to play bowling left handed, even though he was holding his controller with the right and happens to be mostly right handed except when golfing. The Wii responded accordingly and he was not playing very well...close to the end of the game, he was sulking and I told him he was going to end up grounded if he continued to be rude to his friends and me, and he decided to quit instead. I lost it at this point because he chose to play left handed and now he was hating being last and being told why he was loosing.I told him before the start of the game, you need to change it back to play right handed and he didn't listen.
Anyhow, I know him well enough to know, he does this stuff to get on our nerves (and to make sure if he looses he can blame it on something else), it's done on purpose, he thrives on the negative attention (as a lot of children do) and it's like he wants to make sure that even if he knows he is wrong, he will not listen.
We go off into the kitchen to have a little "talk", I sit on little step stool and look up at him asking what is going on? After a bit of back and forth questions and answers to see if I can get to how he is feeling...he says "Well basically I have 2 choices, I can keep acting like this and get grounded, or you can send me to the classes that teach you to be a better listener [the school send flyers twice a year about courses on teaching kids to get along, about how to deal with bullies, babysitting, first aid etc.], that's my two choices"
I sat there and just stared at him, didn't say anything else yet.
Then he pipes up again with "Actually, I have 3 choices, get grounded, go to a class, or just be a better listener"
"So what do you choose David?" I asked patiently.

"To be a better listener and take advice, and not be selfish" Then as he gave me a hug and he said "The wise choice, is the good choice"

Enough said.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Still Here! More Shimmer Mists!

Yikes friends, it's been a while since ?I took the time to write a post, so sorry. You can tell that spring is here (or somewhere nearby considering the foot of snow we got on the weekend!), because I tend to be out and a bout and not sitting on the computer surfing and posting. I have tons of projects all going at once and more stuff to do outside too, but I did have a quick little fun thing I got done a few weeks ago, just never got around to showing you.
Isn't that pretty?? It's on kraft chipboard. Read on to find out what colour that is!
More Glimmer misting by me! I really wanted a few other colours, and I thought I'd experiment with a couple of combinations.
I picked Metallic bright red, plum, and Inca gold.
The metallic red I just mixed with water 1 part paint to 3 parts water, and it turned out amazing!
For the plum, I wanted a chalk like shimmer, so I added a bit of wisteria acrylic to the mix.
This is the plum against the green I made a few weeks ago, on white cardstock, very pretty.
I went to the dollar store and found these awesome masks, they were not the type that adheres to your work for a more defined image, so I just sprayed a little bit of Elmers Spray glue on it and it worked perfect on the cardstock I then sprayed with my glimmer mists. That's how I got the plum/green image on my cardstock.
I mixed some inca gold with antique gold paint to get a more yellow shimmer. This one is my least favourite, but I still love it!
The gold against the plum on white cardstock, it turns out gorgeous!
All the colours on the naked chipboard, love them!
So having fun, cause all those odd shaped chipboard albums that I was thinking I'd have to paint or try to cover somewhat, will now get a good dose of lovely shimmer, yay!

Anyhow, have a great day everyone....more post will follow, I promise!

I'll be linking up to all of these, so go ahead and check them out too, great blogs!!!

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