Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Contribution

Wordless Wednesday.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Araucanas or Ameraucanas, Both Lay Blue/Green Eggs....but which came first!!??

ARAUCANA- This breeds distinguishing features include Blue eggs, the colour permeating through to the inside of the shell, unlike all other egg colouring; Remarkable feathering around the face : Muffs, tufts, beard, ears; Rumplessness
The Araucana is an unusual bird with an, as yet, undetermined path of movement around the world. There are many tall tales. We have been collating social and industrial history that might give some answers how they came to Northern Europe.

Egg colour :This is the only breed which should carry the blue egg gene alone, it was used in the creation of the Cream Legbar to give that breed its blue tinted egg.
Unfortunately the genetics are no longer as pure as they would have been in the early 1900's, which means that most birds will lay a wide variety of shades from greyish blue, through green into khaki and olive. As breeders over the decades have introduce new feather colouring to the breed, as well as altering other features, so the blood lines introduced from other breeds to achieve their end goal have caused the contamination of the egg colour genetics. Examples include using Marans to 'improve' the cuckoo barring, the mix of blue and dark brown eggs gives the dirty khaki coloured eggs." From

AMERAUCANA- "The Ameraucana is a breed of chicken developed in the United States. The name is a portmanteau term of American and Araucana (a related breed). Ameraucanas come in both a large and bantam variety. Eight colors are officially recognized for poultry shows by the American Poultry Association: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten and White.

Ameraucanas are similar to Araucana chickens because both have pea combs and lay blue shelled eggs, but they have many differences and are completely different breeds. Some other Ameraucana traits include full tails, muffs and slate or black legs depending on the variety. Bantam cocks weigh 30 ounces and bantam hens weigh 26 ounces while large fowl cocks weigh 6 1/2 pounds and large fowl hens weigh 5 1/2 pounds." From Wikipedia.

Check out this site too,

I still don't know the answer to which came first, but it was sure fun learning a little bit about these wonderful Easter Egg laying chickens.

Enjoy your Monday!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Farm Fresh Eggs For Easter!!

My sweet friend Lisa Kathleen brought these from an organic farm for me, aren't they just gorgeous. These are the eggs we decorate this Easter, we don't even have to dye them, they are already just wonderful natural colours, I specially love the green/blue ones.

My son is really not the super crafty type, though he enjoys the end result, he loses interest quite quickly and would rather read a boom than do a craft, so these wonderful eggs will save me from doing it all myself. I found some awesome shrinking plastic egg decor, hot water is all we will need. I will show you further in the week how it's all going.

I'm joining this great little blog hop, check it out at Crafty Girl Workshop.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Friday, March 26, 2010

I GOT MINE- Funny Postcard for PFF!!

Goodness, this one gave me a good laugh...notice the handwritten sentiment? "He had white britches on", wonder what this lady was up to!?

"?? Connolly and I caught on last night." I'm left wondering what they caught on to? I think it's a pretty risque card considering this was 1912 (and postcards could be read by whoever hands they passed through), however, hanky panky has gone on since the dawn of time! Sounds like a good time was had by all.....I'm sure Miss Mary ??? was very happy for her friend Helen.

Anyhow, have a happy Friday, hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Spring GIVEAWAY for the crafty types!

So, I told you all I was going to do a giveaway when I hit 100 followers...well I'm at 109 followers!! I was so busy with Birthday's and St. Patrick's and life, that I just only realized I have surpassed the 100 mark.

Time for a Giveaway, Yay!

So I'm giving away a wonderful kit I've just put together, full of yummy shabby chic/vintage style goodness for your crafting pleasures. It's made up of K and Co papers, a wine paper bag album, lots of trim consisting of 3 colours of seam binding, 3 kinds of lace, lots of die cuts, photo corners, buttons, tags, 2 sheets of ephemera, a dozen mini paper roses in pink and cream, and some other embellishments, as you can see in the pictures. You get everything in the picture anyhow, though I may have missed mentioning a few items, it is a kit full of delicious crafty goodness! I also forgot and so it's not pictured, there are also some paper borders and a tea dyed hand crocheted doily in the mix!

All you have to do is leave me a comment and be a follower and I will enter you. If you mention my giveaway on your blog, leave me another comment for another entry...and if you follow me on twitter (, comment again for a third entry!!

I hope you all enter this giveaway, it would also make a great gift for Mother's day...hint hint! I giveaway will close on April 3rd and a winner will be randomly picked on the 4th of April. Good luck, Bon Chance, Buena Suerte!


Monday, March 22, 2010

1830's Bird Print On Canvas + My First Talented Tuesday

Remember this one? Graphics Fairy posted this image a few weeks ago, and I instantly knew I had to use it for one of my projects. I've wanted to do something with birds, a collage of sorts, so I got a canvas (1.25 from Dollarama) and got to work. I took a inkjet printed on cheap paper, and Mod Podged it on along with bits and strips of old sheet music and printed sheet music, also from GF.

This is what I had looked at, from none other than Pottery Barn, it is no longer available, but it was definitely more than I'd ever pay for a unstretched canvas hanging. It was over $200.

I also liked this one, the postage stamped look, and of course the Eiffel tower. Pier One Imports has this one on sale for $60.

Anyhow, I had fun making this one and since most of the items I already had, it is definitely something to brag about! I've also joined for the first time, Talented Tuesday, at My Frugal Family!

Thursday, I'm linking to Shabby Chic Cottage's Transformation Thursday Too, just cause.... well afterall, it is a Pottery Barn inspired rip-off!


David's Birthday and Cake

We had such a great time, eating sushi, burgers and hot dogs and cake of course! He wanted a party with just his family, which was way more fun for him, and less stressful for us. We had it at his Dad's, with his 3 cousins to play with, it was perfect!! I made the cake and David thought it was wonderful, Bumblebee (the cartoon version) from Transformers.
I have to say that I love the Wilton food colouring, a tiny bit and you can get the colour you really want!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday My Wonderful Boy

Wow, I cannot believe that 6 years ago, on a Friday night I was at the hospital patiently waiting for you to arrive. It all goes by way too fast. I love you more than anyone else or anything else and you are who makes my life whole, complete. I know you are destined for great things, with such a wonderful spirit and old soul, you will go places! Happy 6th Birthday, little man child!

My contribution for PFF, we were driving when I took this (it was a slow go because of construction), but I thought it would make a funny postcard. I took it in a small town called Grand Forks BC, where there is a very large Doukobor population (Russian), famous Russian Food!!

Cheers and Happy Weekend,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Springy Bird Freebie

Another one from the Audobon book for kids, cute huh? I think they would look very pretty coloured in with Copic markers (I don't like colouring that much, but I've hear of how much fun these markers are!) and get a really nice stamped effect.

Cheers and happy Monday!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thrifty Finds and Other Adventures

Sneak a peek.....but first:

A couple weeks ago, I went to the thrift store just down the road from my house, and for $1.00, I came home with this (add the frame and mirror for another 3.75). I got started on the first little project and as you will see, it will be quite perfect for Brag Monday, since I used one of Graphic Fairy's little gems! I know it's Saturday night, but since I have a busy week ahead, I want to be ready, or I'll miss the boat for another week.
I'm thinking I have to now find some flowers, maybe some real tulips to put it the can, it will look perfect for spring.

But first, I think the mustard paint job has to go, ewwww, I like mustard, just not on my milk cans!

Used the trusty Tremclad again, I love that glossy pink way too has to try to make good use of every bit of paint, so as you can see, I was killing two birds (so to speak, I am an animal lover!!) with one stone.

This is it, dry and ready for it's close up.

What do you think? Is it worthy of Brag Monday?? I hope my own tulips eventually come up so I can brag about those too.....

Remember I was telling you about my friend Barb taking me on a little expedition last week? This gorgeous wall hook/hanger thingy for $4. I am going to use it for the keys because my old one just fell of the wall (actually I think I ripped it off the wall because I pulled on the keys to hard and then it hung by one nail, sideways, for a week before I gave up trying to hang anything from it) and honestly the little hooks are just not big enough for more than one set of keys. This one is far prettier and imagine, I did not have to alter it in a way, shape or form! I do have to make sure I use heavy duty drywall anchors this time though, the thing weighs a ton (made out of cement or what??), and my key pulling strength does not need to be tested on this one.

Anyhow, happy Saturday and remember to spring forward your clocks tonight!!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Such a Pretty Postcard

This pretty postcard is blank on the other side, but it's so pretty and so sweet I had to share. It would make such a great card front, hope you enjoy. Remember to click on it, to save it at it's highest resolution.

Cheers all, and happy Postcard Friendship Friday!



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