Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free Birdie Clipart

A lovely image of a robin on a pussywillow branch.

I think they would make lovely cards, they almost look like a stamp.

Yesterday, I was lucky to get invited on a shopping outing with my friend Barb (thanks Barbie!). She took me to a couple of little towns not far from Calgary...Okotoks and High River. Both were charming and full great shops, some which used to be in Calgary a long time ago, but long before I had any interest in decorating and second hand. Anyhow, I managed to pick up quite a few fun items at the thrift store (which I will eventually post on here once I've re-finished them), a great vintage look tin sign and a little rooster at another cute store. I also got this Audubon Society 1952 booklet called "Adventures for Audubon Junior Members". Anyhow, it has a lot of really great images that I think are appropriate for spring and Easter for those who celebrate.

Enjoy and feel free to use the images for your own projects, remember to click on the image to get the higher resolution for saving to your files.

Cheers and have a wonderful Sunday!


Anonymous said...

You could also use photo pens on the images!!
Have a Peaceful Sunday....

Anonymous said...

thanks for the free use of these late father used to draw birds, and these look a lot like what he used to do.....'s great to have them, isn't it?

ciao bella

Anonymous said...



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