Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Dinner Menu

Since I've started  a on a path to not just lose weight but change my lifestyle, I have reduced my carb intake (mainly all the grains are gone) to get a hold of my insulin before it becomes type 2 diabetes! Anyhow, my Dr. Did say something about the way my body makes insulin and stores energy as fat and not usable I decided I'd have to stomp it out before it became trouble.
Anyhow, Easter Dinner.... usually it's laden with carbs such as sweet potatoes, rice, stuffings, pies, buns, and all sorts of goodies from the oven.
So this year, nuhuh, we are not having it!
The menu will be boiled ham (secret recipe that makes it taste incredible, I'll share it in  a minute....) with apple sauce and Russian mustard, garlic carrots, cucumber tomato salad, cauliflower mash and for dessert low carb Crepe and Strawberry Layer Cake.
I will have pictures for you tomorrow, since that is when I plan to make dinner.
In the mean time, I want to know what everyone else is having!!!

Cheers and happy happy Easter,

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