Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paleo Friendly Cassava Flour

A couple months ago, I came across something called Cassava Bread, I jumped at trying it because it is one of the paleo friendly starches, and it's not a grain. I am not 100% paleo, I love my cheese...however I am grain free and this gives me a bit of fuel/carbs that my belly can handle. I then started researching the one ingredient, Cassava flour, and found some at the Latino store. The stuff I found first was seasoned and had MSG, which I don't like. Then I found this brand, Julia White Cassava Flour. I've been experimenting with it, making all sorts of yummies. It is quite interesting, and not like anything I've used before, a bit like coconut flour, it absorbs a lot of liquid. It makes a crunchy texture on the outside and a slightly chewy texture on the inside depending on what you use it with. I am going to try it as the coating for chicken next. It is a great replacement for making nut free paleo foods.I will take the time to blog about the recipes on another post, this one is to give you the heads up...there are wonderful foods to discover when going grain free. 

I made a nice loaf for crackers using ground pumpkin seeds along with Cassava flour and Chia seeds, moist and sturdy as a loaf, crisp and light as a cracker. I will do a post with the recipe for this.
These waffles have become a new favourite. My son actually prefers the grain free ones over conventional waffles. I used a mix of almond, Cassava (also called Mandioca) flour and yuca/cassava starch. I might try it with sunflower butter or ground pumpking seeds for a nut free version.  I will also post a recipe very soon.
These are the specs...pretty simple.

Call Of Duty Mega Bloks

Yep, COD son has a new Mega Like!

Now, apparently new Map Packs came out  2 days ago...he did a terrible job of his math homework to get up to his XBox. Life with a boy.



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