Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I am planning on a tutorial on adhesives, this came about from a question from My3LittleMonkeys, she wanted to know about them. It made me realize that I never really asked people, but eventually discovered a whole array of adhesives, so work well for some things and other don't, so she gave me the idea. Anyhow, I am working on it and will post it on Sunday.
Right now though, I'm wondering if anyone else has suggestions on other things and topics they would love to learn about, scrapbook wise, or even about other stuff, we have lots of other bloggers that can help us answer things we may not know ourselves. If I can find the answer for you I will post it here.
So on to my plan, if anyone is really curious about learning how to do something, weather it was seen in my store, or you just know other scrappers do it, leave me a comment. I will get on making a list of topics to blog about. We are here to help each other, and I want to be part of that!
I look forward to reading your suggestion!!!

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