Friday, June 4, 2010

I love a good deal with great entertainment value!

A few weeks ago, I was checking out the Clearance isle at Michael's for something such as ribbon or scrapbook stuff, I didn't find anything I could use, but I did find these colour yourself pillow cases. There were a few designs, mostly princess and Hannah Montana, but luckily one was Pirates of the Carribean, perfect for you know who!! Originally they were $16 here in Canada, imagine paying that?? Yikes!

Well, the weather has been less than co-operative and since we had snow, then rain, and more rain, and wind, and more snow.....anyhow, we've been inside a lot. So for a mere $2.49, that's less than a latte at Starbuck's, we spent an evening of bliss (who knew my son would love it this much?!), colouring, drinking hot chocolate and chatting about pirates and treasure!

Frugalicious, YOU BET IT WAS!


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