Tuesday, October 12, 2010

14 years later, and I think I still got it!

I have always loved drawing. Since I was very young, I remember sitting beside my Dad's drafting table, or at the coffee table and sketching all kinds of stuff...my mom, my feet, horses, models from magazines you name it, I drew it.  But I slowly stopped, less time, more responsibilities, and just plain laziness....after a while, I guess after college, I just hardly picked up a pencil. The last portrait I ever did was of a friends Daughter, she is now 18 and graduated highschool!
So I dove head first into this one, I took a picture of my son with my little cheap point and shoot camera and voila, I drew again.
One night,  a single HB graphite pencil and a blank canvas and, I think I still have it (98% maybe)...the touch. I guess the eye and the fingers for drawing just don't leave you. It's like riding a bicycle.....Love it!

Anyhow, Cheers all, I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving here in Canada and Columbus Day in the U.S.



Rebecca said...

I do believe you still got it, when I saw the picture I thought at first you had used some software to turn it into a pencil drawing. Definitely a hobby/craft to keep doing.

Christine H. said...

Great job, almost as cute ;) as the original.

Dayhomemama said...

Thank you Christine!!

The Oxford Family said...

You did great! I wish I had some, ANY drawing skill!


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