Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where's my Mojo At?!

I know I haven't posted in a while, I am so sorry. I think about why and of course there are many excuses, but no real reason. I have been busy concentrating on my personal life and my creative juices have not been freely flowing, at least not as easily as I want them, plus I barely have time to answer my mail let alone post on here.
Anyhow, I am and always will be an artist, so I have been creating.... on me. I have been cutting my own hair for about two years now, nothing spectacular, but I did find a book called "How to Cut your Own or Anyone Else's Hair", so with a little practice and lets face it, hair always grows back, I have not spent a $$ on haircuts since. I've been getting more creative with it, cutting a fringe and going quite retro. I also did my son's hair in dreads, and I will post a picture of a year later, it's grown a lot and it looks great!
This was the first on, I followed the instructions for the perfect layered hair cut and didn't cut any definite fringe. This was 2 years ago and the make up was way more tame and softer.

I again did the layered cut, but cut the fringe slightly to show off the streak of white hair. I do that buy separating that part of hair before I colour the rest because I do have gray througout my whole head, it makes it looks striking.

A couple months ago, I decided to cut the fringe shorter to show off my new glasses. My eyebrows were thicker here with a cute arch, but with the new cut, I think I will be making them much thinner.

Then I decided on the Betty Page style bangs, they look super cute with my newest pair of Retro style glasses. I also realized how much younger I look with the newest fringe, not bad for 40. I did leave it in layers, so the curls look gorgeous and shiny.

Check it out, the Rosie the riveter look.

I forget how quickly the fringe grows, at least it shows longer faster than the rest of my hair, so I am going to trim it again. Still it looks great.
 I would recommend anyone who is a total DIY gal, to get this book or a similar one and try it out. If you don't mind taking chances and saving $$, then this will be a great book to have. Even for just learning to give yourself a trim in between going to the stylist. Best money I ever spent for sure. Oh, and check out the brows? I have gone from the thicker style sported for a couple of years, back to the nice thin line, a la chola style, but I only draw them in stronger to go out for an evening look. I still do nice defined lips in a hot pink/red/berry or purple, depending on my glasses too.
Here is the latest one of my son, his dreads are twice as long as they were when we did them, so cute.
I no longer have to wax his dreads, they stay in all on their own, I just crochet the strays and weave them into themselves like a reverse braid, that;s about it, and was with a LUSH shampoo bar.

Anyhow, creative does come in all forms....when I get back my crafting mojo, I will post about it for sure. Until then, happy Wednesday.

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