Friday, April 18, 2014

Jamberry Nails...I think I'm in love

I had a quick little Jamberry Nails online party a few weeks ago....this were my goodies. I got some freebies, and the hostess gift for the month of March, and I bought a few too!
I decided on the Pickled Paisley design, and in 20 minutes I had both hads done and finger looking so pretty. I used that much to do both hands too, and because they are not made of polish, when you open a pack, they don't dry out like other wraps. For the pedicure you can use only two, but I will show you that in a future post.
As you can see, a week in and they still looked beautiful, some slight lifting, but hardly noticeable unless you look extremely close. I am very hard on my hands too, washed dishes without gloves the entire wear because I wanted to see how tough they were, and they passed the test. I work with kids, so I have no time to be messing with nail polish, not do I have the patience.
The right hand was slightly more beat up on day 8, there was a chunk missing from my ski boot buckle, it tried to eat my finger!! still shinning though, I could have gotten another few days, but I was itching to try new ones.
A close up of some of the wraps, they are fabulous!

With some of my rewards I bought the heater, it's worth it for hands free application, though you can use a blow drier.
My rep also included a manicure set with my nails, and the Jamberry folder was a gift too, so thoughtful and sweet!
I do like so many designs, these don't seem like enough!

These are the little Momo's I put on my son, you can see that a week later and they are still like new. He had his on for a total of 18 days. They began to get caught in his hair, so we removed them...thinking Jamberry is for him too!

This is my second Jamicure...the March Hostess Gift...isn't it just gorgeous?

Isn't it just fantastic? To have pretty nails, for weeks at a time and not have to worry about nicks and flaking polish, paying $40 per manicure or another $25 for a can get 2 manicures and two pedicures out of one sheet for $17 Canadian. I think it's worth it!!


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