Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Weekend Adventure

Ok, so it wasn't really a huge adventure, it was the Zoo...but....we did get to meet up with a really cute guy!

He slept most of the time and were lucky to be there when he woke up for about 30 seconds had a good stretch and fell back asleep in what looked like a very uncomfortable position, but hey when you sleep in a tree, is anything comfortable

My son makes a very cute Koala!!

My son had a blast though, and afterwards when we got home he said, I didn't know the Easter bunny was real (the Cadbury people were at the Zoo and someone was dressed as a giant Cadbury Easter Bunny), and I almost blew it and said "oh he's not real"....but I backed tracked and explained that he was just not the real one...lol. Yikes. Hmm maybe he is way too smart for his own good.

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Chelsea Ling said...

love the lil flames hat! go flames


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