Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some of my NEW favourites....

I've recently bought a few things on ETSY, because of course, I love hand made and I love unique and wonderful things. ETSY is such a diverse community of stores, and what I love the most is, that I no longer have to go hunt through craft sales or markets to find the perfect item, it is all at my finger tips and delivered right to my doors step!

I decided to compile a list of some of my favourites thus far, in no particular order, but definitely places I'll go back to for more!

Summer Lovin' Soap Bar

SOAPREHAB- I have bought hand made soap before, I've even tried to make it (though no one said they liked it and I hope they never used it, it was terrible!), and LUSH used to be my favourite shop before I discovered SOAPREHAB. The soaps are very well scented, hard and obviously long lasting, give great lather and you can get body butter, body sugar scrubs, body balms and lip balms in scents to match! The prices are a bargain, you can even get 3 bars for $13, and they are nice sized bars too at 4.5 o 5oz each. You can't go wrong with the soap as a gift item either, since the packaging itself is gorgeous and recyclable too.

Summer Lovin Sugar Polish


BEARLY TIME TO SCRAP- I'm sure it was on twitter that I met up with Bearly, and in the process of chatting and buying from each other, we have come to both appreciate each others shop. I love her supplies, specially the lace (which you can find on a lot of my cards lately, all of it from Bearly's ETSY store), which is reasonably priced (3 yards for $2.50 to 3.50) along side a bunch of other great crafting supplies. She also makes some of the cutest felted critter miniatures ever.

3/4 inch BLACK LACE trim 3 yards 9ft.


BACKYARDPRIMS- I've just recently discovered the appeal of using yo-yo's, I was going to make them myself, but for the time and effort it would take me, Backyardprims makes them at a very reasonable cost (36 for $4.50??!!). She has a ETSY store full of them, in all kinds of patterns and in different amounts depending on your needs.

One of my cards, made using a yo-yo from Barkyardprims.


Handcrafted V-Stitch Newsboy Beanie/Hat w/Detachable Flower - Grey Heather

ANGEL'S PURPLE PANTRY OF PAPER AND YARN- Last but definitely not least is this gem, a awesome place to get beautifully crochet hats, and the customer service is tops. Angel really loves her work and it shows, I have 4 hats, 2 cloches and 2 beanies with brims. All are prefect for my head (I finally found a seller that doesn't skimp on the sizing, so my big hair doesn't get squished trying to fit into a hat!!). The brimmed beanies look so cute and are perfect for our Canadian cold. OK, now for pricing, I cannot find any other seller that has these kinds of prices for the quality of work, imagine being able to buy 5 hats for under $100!!! Yes, she's definitely worth a look!
Handcrafted Waffle Stitch Cloche/Bucket Hat w/Detachable Flower- Caramel Vanilla Latte

I'm sure that I'll find more favourites as I get to know more Etsy shops, but for now these are my top picks. They provide wonderful customer service along side great products with great prices. Hope you all get a chance to check them out, try them, and share them with your peeps!


Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about my shop! I'm so glad you're enjoying everything :) LOVE the other shops you've featured, too! Some new favs <3

Bearlytimetoscrap said...

Hey Vivi!
I so looove ready your blog posts!
Thanks so much for including my shop in this one! As always you're the best!
I can't wait to see what lovely cards you make next!
Huggles! Jen


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