Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sweetest Thing....

My son wrote this letter for Mother's day (with his Dad's help with spelling of course). Here is what it said.

"I love my Mom because she cuddles me at night before I go to sleep, gives me lots of hugs and kisses me throughout the day, and looks after me when I'm sick. She acts silly and dances with me. My Mom lets me play on the computer and takes the kids and me to the park. She has taken time to teach me things like the alphabet.

For Mother's Day I went to Michael's craft store and made her a craft plate with my photo on it and we bought some flowers.

My Mom love's me a lot and that is why I love my Mom.

Love David"

So there is is, plain as day, it is the simple little things like dancing, the park and cuddles that make him happy and make him feel loved. He didn't mention that he has a Nintendo DS or that he has 4 light sabers or his new bike or the swimming pool we got for this summer.

My life is the sweetest things because I have been blessed with such a wonderful kid. He's 5 and because his Dad and myself are not together, we might over compensate on certain things, but we are steadfast in the way we parent him and we make every effort to things together, we never argue, we hang out a lot, and we are friends in this journey. We see that David, as a result of our efforts is growing up to be a well rounded human with values, empathy and kindness. He is only 5 yet he can read, do math and loves his sports, he's incredibly smarter than we ever were at his age!

So here is my only advice to parents, ( I am still learning to be a parent too) because this thing I know for sure; TELL them that you love them everyday and just spend time communicating that (by being silly and dancing) because that is what matters most to our children.



SilverJewelOman said...

This is just BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful boy you have. And I have one more thing to add - cuddles and hugs everyday - you can never give and get enough!! cause one day soon they will be all grown up...

glassidentities said...

Beautiful post.. and you hit the nail on the head.. mom of five teenagers here.. Do tell them you love them.. Do touch it dancing or snuggles or just a hand on their shoulder without a word said... take the time to tune into each child.. as everyone is different and has different needs and wants. Make mistakes and learn from them.. share them with your kids... and most of all Have FUN with them.


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