Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Unebelievable Back Alley Find!

Sometimes many roads lead to your destination, you have to always be on the lookout for interesting finds along the way.
Last week, Dayday had camp all week, not far from our house but still a 7-10 minute drive. There was roadwork being done, so they set up a detour through a couple back alleys to get to the center, and although I could have gone around on another road, I chose the detour because who doesn't like a few bumps along the road? Anyhow, I happen to glance at my side view mirror and saw 3 little tables just thrown down on a little patch behind one of the houses. I didn't go back that way until the next morning, and the tables were still there, but someone had stacked then since they seemed to be nesting tables. After I dropped the kids off, I returned through the back alley and decided they needed a home....My Home to be specific!Yes, they were covered in dirt and mud, scratched up and in dire need of lots of love, who knows how long they had been waiting for me??

I went to Canadian Tire, straight to the mistint department of course, and decided on a very dark navy (midnight) sort of colour, it said it was great for doors and trim which to me translates to good wear and tear and possible long lasting, so at $8 for the quart, perfection!

I took the tables apart with my handy dandy ratchet screwdriver, and took the frames outside where I had to soap them up and hose them down to get the muck and mud off.
The tops I washed and then sanded well with a 100 grit sand paper. I then got down to the painting which I did out on the deck (it was about 27c out!!) things dry fast in that heat!

By the next morning I was ready to give them the final sand down and de-stress, which makes them look vintage and slightly worn and perfect for the look of the living room/dining room in my little home.
I wasn't too sure as to where I would put them, but I wanted them to be handy enough for when we have guest, they can be pulled out for drinks or food or to play a game on etc.
I found the perfect spot, but I had to try to tie everything in nicely. I added another piece from my awesome collection of thrifty finds. Then I had to move the leaves around a bit, I like them but they didn't look right.
The end result is perfect in that small space. I sometimes look at my house and all I want is to run away from the clutter, but you know is not because I don't want it, it is because I just have to organize it better. So slowly, it is coming together and I'm loving it!

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!!

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Nelly said...

Love those tables what a great find.

Nelly said...

Hello again thanks for leaving a hello at my blog I shall go look at that ladies blog.I thionk I am scared of making the lamp look worse hence the procrastination.

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

Great job, thanks for rescuing those precious tables! They look beautiful now with your wise painting. Thanks for sharing at Savvy HomeMade.


Mel - said...

I want to live in your neighbourhood :) What a great find and they look fantastic!

Brie said...

Wow! Great find! And I love what you've done with them. So, really did you get 3 tables?! That's awesome because you can use the, however you want! You are making me want to go curb hunting. haha

Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

andrea said...

Can't pass up a FREE deal! Those girls were just calling your name so you would turn back around! Nesting tables alwas look so cute grouped together. Andrea @ townandprairie

JLynnCreations said...

They look fabulous! Job well done :) I especially love how you arranged the leaves by them!!

Erin of said...

Great nesting tables! Great find! Thank you so much for linking up at Savvy HomeMade Monday. I hope you will party again tomorrow!


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