Tuesday, February 19, 2013

4th Batch, and still going strong!

So, I am not sure who remembers; I started making my own laundry soap back in 2011 and am now onto making my 4th batch. Yes it does last that long!
I have fine tuned the recipe, because of the hard water and washing with cold water (it's about 2 degrees away from washing with snow!!), I have slightly increased the amount of Borax to two cups and I use 1.5 bars of grated soap. the amount of water stays the same and so does the amount I use.
I have noticed that our clothes are as clean as ever, and when the whites seem dingy I just add some OXY clean.
My dad now shops in my basement for his laundry soap!
I will post a link to when I first blogged about this and in there is also the link to the video with the instructions. Depending on where you live, and the softness of your water, you can stick to the original recipe or increase the ingredients like I did.


Enjoy the mountains of laundry, or at least the savings!!


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