Thursday, November 22, 2012

An Affirmation.

af·fir·ma·tion  (fr-mshn)
1. The act of affirming or the state of being affirmed; assertion.
2. Something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.
3. Law A solemn declaration given in place of a sworn statement by a person who conscientiously objects to taking an oath.
This morning, as the kids were entering the school and I had already given kisses and hugs and wished my son a good day, I thought I'd better say to him what I say nearly every day "Have fun and don't get sent to the Principal's office!" He probably didn't hear me, but a parent standing next to me did. She turned to me with a slight smile and said, something about maybe trying to not say anything negative. She doesn't know me well, so she doesn't realize that this has been the running joke between my son and I since he started preschool.  
I turned to her and I said "I don't worry, he is possibly the best student in his classroom, and has never been sent to the principals office". She smiled and said "I didn't think he was the type". 
As we turned and continued to our respective vehicles she continued the conversation with "I talked to him on the play ground one day you know".
Me: "oh, really?"
She:. "Yes, he is an very beautiful child, he is so aware and in tune with the world around him."
She them grabbed my arm just for a seconds, but looked me in the eye, and said "You must be doing something right with him".
My heart skipped a beat and I said "I don't think it is just me, he was born that way, and I just nurture some of those traits he came with, but from the day I brought him home from the hospital, he has been highly aware".
"He is a very special boy, maybe even an indigo child, he will do something amazing, he will change the world" She said. I looked at her once more and replied "We need that don't we, specially now".
I think that has been one of the most profound and maybe prophetic conversations I have had with anyone about my son. I knew he was special from the minute I knew I was pregnant (7 days after conception?), and something inside me said guard this baby with your life. I don't know what his future holds, or why he was born from me, but I do know that I am not the only one who sees the potential. That makes me smile.
Peace and love,

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