Saturday, October 12, 2013

Paleo Gravy Done Right!

I recently made a smashing good seafood chowder, it was thick and favour full, and you'd think 96246 calories, but not with my altered version. Thanks to the fabulous cauliflower, I now have successfully created a creamy thick base for soups and gravies, and I'm in love with food all over again. Hmmm, when was I not in love with it?? Oh yeah, back to carbs and grains....

So, the base recipe is simple.... I cauliflower, cut into chunks, 3 cups of water or stock, I yellow onion cut into chunks too, and one veggie stock cube if using water. Boil it all together, with a lid, until cauliflower is mushy. Run through the blender, in portions, until smooth and creamy. Now, this makes a lot, so you can freeze it in several containers for later use. 

As for the gravy.... Take the drippings, your cauliflower cream, and the herbs and spices you would normally add to your gravy and cook together until warmed through or the consistency you're looking for. This gravy doesn't get thicker or gluey when it stands for a while , and it doesn't get goopy and it doesn't breakdown and lose it's thickness. It's Gluten Free!!!  I used it for sausage and gravy over paleo biscuits, my son couldn't tell it was not regular flour gravy, he hated the biscuits though ( you can't win them all )... That says a lot. I used it for roast, and added a couple drops of Browning to darken it slightly. I plant to use it for turkey gravy for our Thanks Giving on Monday. Oh, and mushroom soup, which my son has requested again....I love requests from him! 

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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