Thursday, May 19, 2011

Streching myself thin....

Wish that was literally, then I might feel like I've accomplished one of my goals!!! Wow, where does time go? It's been almost 3 weeks since my last post, why? Because I really wish I had an extra 3-4 hours a day just to get the fun stuff in along with the daily chores of running a busy household that consist of 5 children, and me (mind you, only one is mine and here with me 24 hours a day) and a business or 3. I haven't taken on more than I can chew, I just really need to learn to be organized and maybe say no to certain things even if I want to do them. Right now I run my dayhome, I work for an Real Estate Agent part time, I have a birthday party business and when I have the time, I create and sell my things at craft markets. I also have laundry, cooking, cleaning, and sometime this month I really, really do have to get my taxes done!! I take David to soccer, to birthdays, to the movies, to do spring cleaning in our complex. He is my shadow and I am his, and so much of our time is spent together doing what parents and children should do, enjoying each other.

I want to be stretched thin physically, not mentally....working on that too. I've lost the 10lbs I gained this winter, plus the 10 more I had gained last summer....I tried a few things like the gym (that took 2 hours out of my day so no....) I tried Weight Watchers it took an hour a a week and lost 7 lbs in 6 months so no...guess what? Walking to school twice a day (or more if he forgets something), doing yoga at 5 am, and cutting out all grains, starches and dairy, voila! I am on a roll, it's been 6 weeks and 20lbs down. My best guess is that grains are not good for my specific body/blood type, steady walks and pushing a stroller with more than 50lbs in it gets me some weight bearing exercise and cardio at the same time, and making time for relaxation/stretching techniques works for me.
I've stopped obsessing about the dishes, sometimes it's a whole 24hrs before they get done, laundry might get folded but not ironed (I really don't care that my pant legs look like elephant skin!), and it is ok to not vacuum every day! As for time, I still need more, but I am coping.
On a fun and lighter note, I will have a couple of DIY projects I will post sometime before the week is out, you'll see I've am still getting in some creativity, even if it's in spurts and blips!



Anonymous said...

....So what do you do in your spare time??? LOL!! Gotta' be careful you don't meet yourself on the way back.....
Have a Great Weekend!!

Rebecca said...

oh my you are busy!, Congrats on the weight loss. I am not that busy and have trouble getting time for exercise in. But then I am Lazy!. Wonder what would happen if I cut out the grains and starches and the freaking sugar .....

Jansen Family said...

Wow! You are busy! I thought I was busy, but you just might have me beat! ;) I also keep children and am on a never-ending quest to improve my (and their!) diet. The problem is that I am totally addicted to sweet things (especially when I am under a lot of stress) and crackers when I need a snack. So I'm curious, do you just eliminate cookies and cakes or do you have a sugar substitute you like? I'd love to know!



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