Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Morning in the City.

Can you believe the view out my bedroom window?  In the city no less! Using my Canon Rebel and having a very cooperative morning sunrise, the images turned out amazing. I think the key is to get as much back light as possible, the trees are so old and tall that no real roof line is visible, even though I am basically the heart of the city.
This one is my favourite shot. 
The settings I used were simple, it was on  Manual, I had the ISO set at 100, the F stop set at 5.6 , the White Balance set to Shade. I put it on the tripod and voila! Now the key was that it was looking like an intense sunrise judging from what we had yesterday, so I was prepared. The rise happens so fast and if you fool around trying to set up, you may miss the best part unless you wake up 30 minutes before it happens.
As the sun came up, the colours got more intense and the skies seemed to darken slightly before the sun broke over the horizon, amazing beauty!

I changed the setting slightly (WB back to Daylight) and it lost it's intensity.
I took these from the front door, just before the l ight got intense.

The Hollyhocks out front.
Using the Rebel is easy, it just takes some playing around....the beauty is in that not having to worry about how much film I use, I can concentrate on taking lots of pictures to get the perfect shot. 



Mallory said...

Incredible shots! I really do need to attempt to get up before the sun one day. :)

Make handmade said...

So beautiful ! i love it, thanks for sharing.


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