Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've been slacking, but not for lack of ideas....just lack of time!! This years schedule is slightly more grueling than last year, 4 little ones; 2 that come Monday to Friday, 1 that comes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and 1 that is here Mondays and Fridays. Three school kids; my own David, one that is here on mornings from Monday to Thursdays and full day Fridays and on PD days, and one that is here afternoons and PD days. Thank goodness they all go to the same school or I might lose one or two along the way!! Anyhow, Fall is coming and I am decorating the house in fall colours, which are my favourite. Fall colours are so warm and inviting and remind me of all the bounty nature has to offer at this time of year! As I mentioned before, I have a front garden that booms from sprint to fall, so lucky for us, there are still plenty of colours out there and it makes me happy. I decided to bring out some of those colours inside and put them in the empty spot where that funky mirror is, what do you think? I might just leave them there all year, they sort of go well with the decor.
That's the mirror I painted with my $8 can of midnight blue.
It looks so pretty !!
Back to the topic of slacking, which I have not been doing, I will have more fall stuff for you in the next few days so you can see what I have been up to. For now I am off to do the dishes, get 3 bottles ready, pick up a truckload of toys off the floor and maybe tidy up the front entrance because it looks like a fire hazzard......toodles my friends. Cheers, Viviana

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