Monday, January 18, 2010

Due to Lack of Interest....

I am cancelling this giveaway and donating the handmade Heart wall decoration to Hearts For Haiti, which will sell it with 100% of proceeds going to Helping the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake.
I think this is better and it goes to a great cause, so if you are interested , it will be available for sale on ETSY.


jane p said...

Hello Viviana
I think it's really cool of you to do this for charity. Just to let you know, I thought of entering your giveaway but I've never been lucky before... Your heart ornament is lovely especially the victorian touch. I just love the green you use and I noticed you left little spots unpainted like so authentic! I'm a secret victorian freak. Hugs. Jane

Natasha said...

hi there. this is a great idea!! think i'm going to pop over to etsy and have a look.

I have a rather strange question. How did do get your blog's background like that?

i love it!!


Duchess of Tea said...

Darling thanks for stopping by my cottage and for joining my followers, much appreciated. You luv have a lovely lovely blog, full of beautiful photos. I am so glad you came for a visit because now I have another pretty blog to visit. I joined your followers and will be back to visit soon.

Love & Hugs


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