Sunday, January 24, 2010

I just remembered you haven't seen this yet!!

Our Christmas cards we sent out this year, isn't he lovely. That is my first attempt at a collage card, I haven't really done many, but I love browsing through blogs such as Last Door Down The Hall, Cemerony Share, Sugar Lump Studios and Aletered Geisha's Crafty Musings to name a few.
I was going to use a vintage picture because there is so many cute ones out there, but instead I used a picture we took early this winter, that's my son out in our front yard. I printed it out in sepia, onto coverstock, and printed out wings, heat embossed crowns. I used a reduced printout of vintage sheet music from Graphics Fairy. With a little rinbbon and a quick stamp, Voila!!
Now, because he is only 5, he let me do this, because I am sure any older and he'd probably think I was nuts putting angel wings and a crown on him, for now he thought it was so cute, and didn't mind the world looking at it.
I did keep one and framed it, so every year from here on we can bring it out during the winter!!

BTW- Hello to all the new followers, wow 5 overnight last night, you all rock!
Have a great week everyone!



BioSupplies said...

Save it in a good spot when he turns 15-16 you cna use it as blackmail material ... I know I do with some of my 'favorite' pictures of your niece! hehehe

Anonymous said...

What a really nice first attempt, it looks great!
first time on your site...looking for your follow button
also, love your background choice, verrry cool!

I'm new..come visit...ciao!

debsea said...

these cards are awesome! i love them. you have a beautiful blog!

PetraB said...

a real fairy, wonderful cards, Petra.xx

Tammara said...

Those are really cute! Never would have known it was your first attempt!

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Adorable!!! I would never have know that this is your first attempt at collage, you're a natural at it! Thanks so much for linking this one up to "Brag Monday".

The Gypsy Magpie said...

Oh that card is darling. I think you did a wonderful job on the collage- I'd hate to put it away till next year.
Thank you for sharing this!

Shelly said...

Very fun! I wonder if my former Marine son would go for that for next year???

Love your blog colors! Gorgeous!!

Thank you for sharing, I've really enjoyed seeing the creations in Karen's event!!


Dayhomemama said...

Thank you Karen, I am in the process of attempting more collages, I'll post a finished project soon.
Shelley, I imagine he might not be as pleased as my son, but you never know, tehehe!


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