Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mid Week Day Dreamin'

I'm usually way too busy with kid/child related things to actually get things fixed/organized in my house, let alone paint and even re-decorate, but it's usually in mid week, that I start to daydream about what I would love to do to my little house, maybe ove the weekend when I have some spare time (RIGHT?!),I dream of the rooms need a splash of loving colour and what my dream deck and garden would be .... I call it My Mid Week Day Trippin' or Dreamin', depends on who I'm chatting with.

I was hanging out at Rose Petals and Rust, and got dreaming of having my own little cottage, like the one she is building in her yard. Unfortunately for me, I have a tiny yard and being in Calgary,'s much too cold for having an outdoor I have to settle for the dreary basement or the spare bedroom.

This is sort of how organized I'd like it, like a little store (check out the rest of that room here).

This closet space is quite appealing too. Check out Karen Russell's blog for more on her incredible perfect scrap space.

One of these index card holders would rock too, imagine the possibilities?!

I picked the spare bedroom.... It's slightly bigger than the walk in closet, it's not at all like the dungeoun of a basement, and it does have a window, BONUS!

So far, it looks like an office
and not a great place for inspiration or creations, however, I am bound to make it work. I've started by moving stuff around a bit, and removing the huge sliding closet doors our of my way. Hopefully it's a start, I will recreate this space into something I love to work in. I think my family is getting mighty tired of eating meals off the coffee table, or fighting for a spot to eat with my growing pile of projects on the dinign room table.
I have to figure out how to combine both spaces into a small room, so far I've only got about 1/2 of my stuff, and I'm still trying to place things where they will work...
obviously I will move that from the window!

Wish me luck. in the meantime, check out this lovely little thrift store find, $1.50!!

Wondering what I should use it for? It is bigger than the average train case, but not as big as a suitcase either. It is a lovely little find!



Anonymous said...

thanks for coming by and becoming a follower....I'd forgotten i already became one of your followers like a couple of people ago!
I enjoyed this was real and down to earth. Setting up your workspace is a sacred's where you'll spend your "happy" creating it deserves to be beautiful...whatever you end up doing, I'm sure it will ROCK!
Maybe you can use your new blue case to store some supplies???

be sure to show us how you make out.

Barbara Jean said...

Love your little suitcase. I pick those up when i can too.
hard to find.

love all the pics of organized craft rooms. oh to have mine so organized!!

think if i bought all matching shelves and nice storage i would keep it neater?? Probably not. I am a messy crafter!

blessings and off to see more.

barbara jean

BioSupplies said...

do you need your big sister to come Martha your craft room?? Am really good at it!!


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