Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines not just for lovers!

Even the goat needs some lovin'!!
I used to think I was special, born on Valentine's day and all, it made me feel unique....actually, it just mean I was conceived sometime in the late spring and was born a full term baby. If you're conceived on Valentines day, now that is special, but you are born in mid November then....but the date just doesn't seem special. It's really not all that romantic, and to try to celebrate means trying to get your friends together while they are trying to get together with their partner/lover etc.
Since I was in college many many moons ago, I have yet to spend Valentine's with a boyfriend, husband or a better seems I'm forever single...and now I have a "love" that is 4 foot nothing, in grade 1 and I've already had to explain to him why he can't marry his Mommy!
What surprises me most about Valentine's Day, is how giddy and excited I get for it, not for my Birthday, but for the celebration of love!! Weather or not I'm single for it has long ago stopped being a factor, it is about loving everybody, sharing the feeling and continuing in the celebration of love all year round.
This year is no different, I've made gifts and cards and special treats and I'm looking forward to another wonderful year full of love and hugs and whatever else it brings!

"Freedom only exists when love is present.That is the true experience of freedom: having the most important thing in the world without owning it." Paolo Coelho.
Happy Sunday and Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow too!!

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Donnie said...

Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day too.


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