Monday, February 2, 2009

The $30 a week challenge.

I've been wanting to come a write a little something up about that week KZ (Kelly) and I did a little challenge, where we would try to keep our spending down to $30 for one week.

So, for me, it was a very eye opening experience. Since when we started, I knew that the groceries were bought, the bills all paid up, the car had gas and I had all the scrapbooking and kid supplies I needed, there was little reason to buy much else. I learned something about want and need, and how much effort it takes to curb spending on things we don't need.

I realized that so much of the spending I do in a week, has nothing to do with needing the items, I buy clothes when I have plenty (usually because of a sale, and there is still things in my closet with tags!! ie, Reitmans was closing out in our mall and has 30% off lowest ticketed tags!!!), I'll buy household stuff like containers or shampoo, or hair clips, though if I look hard enough there are tons. I buy too much food and sometimes it goes to waste, and sometimes I just buy because I might need it in the future.

Anyhow, since the experiment, I've bought a few things. I got some paper from Scrapshotz, I've bought groceries and been more careful about what I'm buying. Every item I pick up, I think first weather I REALLY need it, and in so many cases the answer has been NO or definitely NO.

Anyhow, the point is, it made me think and it changed me a little too, and I'm really glad that I did it.

This was the total for that week,

$8 Sobeys
$5 Chiropractor
.07c at the post office
$5.25 walmart
18.32 was the grand total for that week.

Since then, I've had bills to pay, gas to fill, groceries to buy. But I've not got a new pair of shoes, clothes, or anything I did not really need. I bought some hair colour the other cover those gray hairs, that was a real need!!!
Do everything with love, and take the time to say thank you for the little things.

XOX, Viviana


Chelsea Ling said...

I used to be really bad with over-buying. I have tons of toiletries that are like 2 yrs old and still new... good thing I curbed that habit! Food is a tough one too, I conquer that by chopping all my veggies and things at the beginning of the week and then putting them in plastic containers in the fridge - saves me so much time and I waste almost nothing.

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Good for you! I did a $10.00 a week challenge when I was in college with my roommate! It's tough but can be done! Good for you!

Linda said...

I've always had to count every penny so this way of living is second nature to me, glad you learned from the exercise!


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