Monday, February 9, 2009

Pajama Scrapper, in the forum at Scrapshotz asked what do we store our flowers/blossoms in, so I thought I'd share with all of you my solution. I got the cases at Canadian Tire, when 1/2 price they are $12.50 for 2 (one large and one small), though you could get something similar at other hardware stores (I even saw a smaller version of my small one at the dollar store). The small one measures 10.5x13x2" and the large one 15x19x3". I keep my brads and eyelets and other small charms in the small ones, and all my blossoms in the large one. I love that I can see all my things at once and seem to use all of them more since they are easy to just pull out all together to chose from and I can carry them all with me when I go cropping.


Christina said...

Saw your 'tweet' on Twitter! Thought I would stop by and check out your blog. Very clever storage. I love to scrap book, too!
I have several works in progress.When you get chance stop by my little part of the blog world.

Feel free to say hello in the comment section. Keep Scrappin!

blogomama said...

The great thing about this post is relevance and detail. You can tell me all day long about organization but you've given me everything I need, practical purpose, size, approx price range, how it works and why YOU like it! That's a review!
p.s. and I luv me some organization.
I heart @homemakerbarbi!

Brenda said...

Enjoyed this blog!! And am following you. Saw you on twitter. I do jewelry, but your storage ideas are good for me, too. Thanks


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