Thursday, February 12, 2009

My First ETSY Alchemy.

I got a request last week, to make a CD/DVD tin that looked like a card I have for sale on ETSY. Well, after a quick scan of my supplies, I knew I had everything to make a similar front. So on Friday night, while my son was at his Dad's I got down to inking and getting my stuff ready and last night I finished it off and voila!

What do you think. I hope they will love it, it's a very thoughtful gift to have something like this made for someone. I hope to hear back from the buyer, just to find out what they thought of it. Anyhow, I hope to get many more of these request, I really enjoyed making this one!

A little bit of the detail on it, I love embossing and using the powder for different things. I used a corsage pin, I coated the head with embossing powder, put beads on and then embossed the earring back for a pin cover. HAT pins are hard to FIND!!!!

1 comment:

KimberlyRies said...

That is beautiful! What a great gift.


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