Friday, February 20, 2009

A Busy Week in the life of we!

Yup, some weeks seem much busier than others, and this one was one of them. From last Friday, we've been going non stop. We celebrated my 37th birthday on Friday, though it fell on Valentines Day, no one would have been around for it, so we baked cupcakes and decorated, had a little lunch party.

Then David went off with his Dad for TaekwanDo. Saturday I wanted to go shopping, catch a movie, and have a fun night out. While shopping, my cell rang about 7 times eventually prompting me to just go home, because I was warned that my delivery would not be re-delivered until the next day if I wasn't home. I did manage to pick up PJ's, 2 hoodies, shoes and a whackload of scrap stuff for $73!! I was home by 1:30pm and patiently waited for my delivery, then not 1 or 2, but 3 bouquets of flowers showed up at my door!

One was delivered by none other than my 4 year old mini-man, he was so sweet too, a big kiss and back out the door he went.

That night, I went out singing with Lori, Wally, Sue and her crazy Seymour, as usual Karaoke was a blast and I got a huge Princess crown pillow, not a bad end to my 36th year on this planet!

Sunday I got up early, to do the grocery shop, I was supposed to have a Pampered Chef Party, but I canceled because not enough people were coming. So, I spent part of the day cleaning and had my Dad, my son and his Daddy over for roast (in the crockpot, it was no work at all). Then I remembered, our weekend was not done just yet....the Monday was Family day, yay, another day off for us. For Monday, I planned to see Lori and her children (5 kids, one set of twins). So we took the 1/2hour drive out to Airdrie and spent half the day playing Wii and catching up, it was easy and all the boys kept themselves busy and we had a great time actually having a good heart to heart. That, I think was the highlight of my weekend, we don't spend enough time with good friends. In the late afternoon, we drove back into town and went straight to my son's Daddy's house for supper, his grandma made lasagne and it was delish!

But our week did not end there! On Tuesday we had a regular day, school, all the kids etc. I remembered that David, my son, had a small piano recital, so we had to do extra practice after lunch because we missed the whole weekend. I also had a board meeting to attend that night, so I dropped David off at the sitters, went to the meeting and then had to go get David back from the sitters. We went to bed early, if you can call 9:30 early for a 4 year old! I was soooooo tired. Then Wednesday, again kids in the am, school, etc. Music school in the evening, (he did just fine at his mini recital, playing with both hands and only missing one note). Thursday I took the morning off from the kids to do a Sand Magic Creations workshop with fourteen 4 year old's at a Daycare in downtown Calgary, even with the traffic it all went well and I stayed on track, then I picked up the kids from school and it was back to our regularly scheduled programming. I had Bible study that evening which is nice, it's a mental break from out routine and it refreshes me for the rest of my week.

So here we are at Friday, 3 kids are on the couch watching "Return of the Jedi", it's 9 pm, and my week really flew by. My son is having his friends Evie and Eric sleep over, and although I'd love to be free of the kids because it is the weeknend, I love how delighted my son is to have someone his age to hang out with on a Friday night. Tomorrow is yet another busy day, David has Tap Dance and then we are going to the Science center, Sunday I have shopping to do and a baby shower and maybe in the evening, after I'm done cleaning, I might make a card or two, then another weekend is will be done.

I will never be the person who can say "I am bored", there's not a boring minute in this life, thank you God for giving me a little piece of heaven here on earth.

EDIT- THE highlight of my day today was Anna from Lullabies and Lace giving me a feature on her blog!! , what an honour!! I am so so blessed!

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Bearlytimetoscrap said...

~~ Happy Happy birthday to you! ~~

You sure are a busy girl! Lots of hugs to ya sweetie!


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