Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Amazing Find At the Queensland Craft Fair!

OK, I'm not a glass connoisseur and I don't normally buy really pricey gifts for family with the exception of my son... but I think I found a treasure with the purchaes I made this weekend at the craft fair. I was there as a vendor for my other business (Sand Magic Creations), but I also wanted to shop a bit, get my handmade Christmas stuff bought up.
I saw this one table, lots of people stopping by it, well lets just say, it was busier than most with how sales are going this year.
Anyhow, long story short, I bought 7 glass bowls for less than $70, and they are gorgeous! I am sure that in a boutique at the mall the small one would probably sell for $30-40 and the larger ones for $60-70, so I think I got a great deal. That's why I love craft fairs!

Ok, the pictures do not do them justice really, because once you get a candle in there they look incredible (I used a tealight for sizing, but could not find a match in the house to light it with!!).

Anyhow, what do you think?? I love how the dark brown melts into the green and also the rainbow effect on the sandblasted one.

I love them all, so now I don't know wether I will part with any of them. So much for getting the Christmas shopping out of the way!

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Sybillinart said...

these bowls are fabulous; once you get them it might be hard to give them away !!.
Nice find ;)


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