Thursday, November 19, 2009

Creating Frenzy, I love Christmas Time!

I've been in a 'creation frenzy' for the past few weeks, and this is just a tiny bit of all the things I've been working on. I honestly need a real workshop, my diningroom table is no longer good enough!

In am working on tons of Christmas Cards, most of which don't make it to ETSY because I do sell them locally and some that sell as soon as I list so we don't get to enjoy them for long. I made this one, snow globe card, because we never had a snow globe when we were kids, but I've always been fascinated by them. This card gives me a nostalgic feeling.

This little brooch was inspired by all my purses. I have these little charms, but I wanted to use them in a less traditional way, not on a necklace atleast. I am working on a few more with different colours of leather, which I die cut, thus achieving the prefect base for showing off the little gems!

The cuff and matching ring are an experiment in creation. I started making leather covered buttons because I couldn't find anyone who sold them at a reasonable price. I made a ring and then I thought a matching bracelet would be hot. This is the result, and I love it. I mostly wear charm bracelets, which dangle and get tangled and sometimes just don't finish a look quite like I want them to. This cuff looks great and I love that it looks rocker while still being sexy and soft!

I discovered a couple of really great blogs, with ideas and inspiration galore. The first is "Just Something I Made" where I got the patterns for some of the plaques for my brooches. I love all the ideas she shares and love that I have found someone who thinks outside the box! This brooch is my take on her idea. I have added a couple to my store. We'll see how they do.

Now I'm off to go create some more, I have a few craft sales to go before the season is done and, I also have to finish my gift making for my own family and friends. Hopefully, I can keep up the pace and be done in time to go out an enjoy a bit of the beautfiful days we are having this fall!

Tonight I will start looking through our decorations, it's almost time to get them out, I can't wait to see my little house looking all warm and cozy and ready for entertaining!


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