Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Spookiness....Woooooohhhh!

We'll get to the creepy stuff, but first, about my son's costume.

My son David has a couple obsessions, Starwars and Transformers. This halloween he wanted to dress up as either Anakin or as Bumblebee, and since I'm always up for a challenge, we decided on Bumblebee. I took old hockey equipment, elbowpads and a pair of yellow rubber boots, and voila! A little bit of yellow spray paint and a lot of yellow duct tape later, we had the costume he was wanting (all his life, accoding to him!), the mask was store bought though.

Shooting with his plasma canonn!

Patiently waiting to go trick or treating with his frinds Evie and Eric.

Now for the spooky stuff. I'm not a real believer in ghosts, I think the mind and eyes can play a trick on people, and until I see one .....
Anyhow, to make a long story short, I nearly fainted when I took a closer look at some pictures I snapped at our little halloween get together.

Above my brother's head (Cheech), on the glass of the painting behind him, appeared an image of man. Looking closely, it didn't resemble anyone in our house that day, even with halloween costumes and all.

I was freaked out at the image and at the idea of there being a ghost in my house. Did I actually capture a ghost in my picture, how creepy!!

This is the close up. Eerie, isn't it??

So upon a closer look at ALL the pictres, I did manage to debunk my own thoeory of it being a ghost caught on camera. As it turns out, the image is a reflection of the TV. My brother's were watching the hockey game, of which you can see a reflection of on the glass in this picture, thus rendering my whole idea of a ghost invalid. The image was actually from the TV, I'm thinking a commercial for the Tudors or soemthing like that, which is on CBC, same channel as the hockey game.

Unfortunately, that still does not explain the orbs that appear in the picture below....maybe there is still a chance at a ghost someday???

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