Friday, November 20, 2009

Shopping Handmade for a 5 year Old Boy

Some things I just cannot make myself, that being said, I love handmade gifts. I like the thoughtfulness of giving and receiving such gifts, and I appreciate the work involved in creating and crafting.
Now I am stumped! I already got my son a pair of handmade oven mitts from My Cute Idea on ETSY. I also managed to find him a matching apron at one of the fall fairs here in Calgary. Now I'm stumped because I would love to get him something else, but I want it to be unique and handmade, and something he will treasure hopefully forever.

Here he is, the little man in my life,

So I need your help, if you have any suggestions, own a store online or know of a site with handmade stuff that would be suitable for a 5 year old, leave me a comment with the link or some info, or convo me on ETSY, so I can take a look. Thanks for all your help!

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jemyl41 said...

I don't know where to find them on the net, but have often seen some really great handmade cars, trucks and even construction equipment made of wood. They use basic shapes which can really stimulate a child's creativity. The ones I have seen are usually unpainted, but often are finished with a high quality shellac or varnish and can be made of anything from soft pine to exotic hardwoods. Even my girls used to love these, as well as plain blocks.

You might even be able to find some handmade, hardwood building blocks. These last a lifetime when you find them.

I still have my daughters' set (unfortunately machine made) which they played with until they were teenagers, their creations going from simple to exotic castles and mansions for their barbies and other games, similar to those we now see on computers or game machines.

They even combined them with scraps of cloth to fashion mosaic-type designs on the floor or work table as they grew older. Some of those designs found their way translated into stitched blocks on pillow tops or saved on graph paper in a notebook for a future quilt, skirt or jacket.

Hope this helps! As a jewelry artisan myself, I am so pleased to see someone who appreciates the value of handmade things. Peace! Ellen L "jemyl" Johnson


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