Wednesday, December 16, 2009

60 followers, 60 cookies, 60 kisses!

Hmmm, what a great week it's been....aside from my laptop dying Saturday, in the middle of copying all my stuff to a memorty stick, the -35 celcius temperature kept me inside for a few I had time for other stuff. I made tons of gingerbread men, maybe 60 or so. I also noticed I now have 60 followers, so to celebrate, I was thinking a giveaway is in order. I will post the details separately and add a picture, but since I am forced to work on a pre-historic computer for a bit, it may take a few minutes (hours??) longer than normal.
In other news, my son's school Christmas Celebration is on tonight, same with his mini-recital in piano. We've chosen to do both, run from one to the other...we will have a 20 minute cusion of time and thankgoodness they are just down the street from each other! He made it clear that he cannot miss piano, he's been practicing too hard for that, but also, he gets to read a letter in front of the whole audience (parents), and since he is only in's pretty exciting. He's the only one who can read in his class, so we are very pleased and excited for hi too. So 60 kisses for my little runt, he rocks my world!

I wanted to share some pictures of him, some that make me smile. Until I have my laptop back, there's not much else I can do.


Pamela said...

Great pictures! I especially love that tire one! :)

Dayhomemama said...

Thank you Pamela. We took that one in a place called Greenwood, B.C., it's one of the largest dump trucks in the world.


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