Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some thoughts on this past decade and things I've learned.

Wow, another decade just about flew past, I am in awe of all the things we got to experince in such a short span. Some of you may start reading this and decide it is not worth the time to read....stop now and go do whatever it was you were doing before you came upon my note.

I just wanted to share some things I have learned these past 10 years, some were hard lessons, some are just plain life lessons we all go through, all my experinces have brought me here, the person I am today. Each experince has shaped how I see the future and have given me perspective as to what is important to make it not just a good life, but a great one.

1- I do not depend on anyone to give me things, my advice: go out and get them yourself, be proud of what you do on your own, celebrate being independent.

2- I don't have career goals, I have life goals. What so many people invest in their careers, their education and their workplace, I am investing in beining not just a good parent, but a GREAT one. I will not have some fancy university degree hanging off my wall...I will have however, a young man who will be able to look back on what we did and be happy with his childhood.
Teaching him a little common sense and some natural consequences hasn't hurt him any. He is the future.

3- My house may be messier than yours, but I'm ok with that. It is my space our space (Dayday and me), the place where children live and have fun, the place where I create and repurpose, it is a home, lived in and loved, full of our energy, our life and our accomplishments.
It is also the only house I know that has a huge blackboard painted on the wall!!

4- I refused to live in fear and will keep living like that until there is a real reason to fear life . I learned long ago, that when we live in fear of the future, we stall, we freeze, we stop moving forward thus loosing sight of the wonderful things life has in store for us.

5- I have learned to accept that I will never have all the things I want, and that is ok. I will never be financially rich, but I will always have a very abundant life. I will never be the smartest person out ther either, but I have enough common sense to get me through the next decade.

6- A New hip makes life 1 million times more enjoyable.

7- Saying sorry, admitting when I'm wrong, admitting when someone else is right, and being kind, are all things that are acutally very easy to do, and the more I preactice, the better I am at doing them.

8- Depent on yourself to bring happiness into your life, and remember we get what we give right?

9- I refuse to use the word phrase "I am so jealous", it is a horrible state of mind, and it accomplishes nothing. I learned to try to always be happy for other's good fortunes, but never to be jealous or envious of them, we should feel blessed for the things we do have already.

10- I will keep on being a woman of my word, when I say I will get something done, I will do it. Wendy, I am bringing you that apple slicer, even if it kills me!!

11- I have realized that there will never be enough time to do all the things I want to do, but I enjoy every minute that I get.

12- I have also learned that not everyone is like me and I am not like everyone else, and accepting it makes life simple, easy and happy!

13- I learned that having a child changes how you view life, and if it doesn't? there is something wrong with you.

14- I have started to teach Dayday about the dangers of what street and recreational drugs can do to you, your body and your life. I showed him YouTube's "Meth Mouth" Video, and have explained to him how Pot, if smoked from early teens, can lead you to a life of depression. I am afraid that if we let the system teach them certain things, it is already too late.

15- I will not become a texter- that is what is wrong with this world in my eyes....most people do not communicate face to face, or look at each other eye to eye anymore!! Everythings is through a machine (though I noticed Walmart took out self serve, but that was for financial reason's, I like face to face tellers better). No wonder so many have relationships are void of emotions, self respect and understanding.

16- I belive that I am a better person alone than in a relationship, thus being single works for me. I don't like feeling sad, anxious, lonely, disrespected, used or unhappy, and every relationship I've had has brought a mixture of those feelings into my life. I am better alone than in bad company, my Mom says that.

17- I am quirky and I like it.

I am probably at the halfway point in my life, and I'm quite satisfied with it so far. I am excited for the future and all the amazing possibilities and adventure I will have, I am excited about being Daydayd's Mom and all the wonderful things the future has in store for him too.
There's probably so much more I could write, but alas, I am not a writter and I have things to do...cardmaking, sewing and maybe some Wii before the turn of this decade, and I only have a few hours left. Let's see what else I can accomplish and learn!!


In the Light of the Moon said...

So many wonderful lessons to learn.Thank you for sharing them and for teaching me along the way.Warmest Regards,Cat

Elizabeth Golden said...

Sounds like you have found the secret to happiness and most important to you! I applaud you for being the best Mom, a lived in home, and realizing that it is those you give to and love that truly make your life rich. I too am a single mother of boys. Teaching them to be good men is my primary goal in life where they are concerned. It hasn't always been easy, humor got me through the rough parts most times, but nothing worthwhile is easy. I wish you a truly good year.


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