Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birds and Birdhouses.

 I bought some tiny Dollar Store birdhouses, but before I could take pictures of all of them, I sold some. The two that were left were are the only ones I could share with you. You'll notice one has a large paper rose on the back, that's one of my hand made paper roses, you'll find the tutorial here. Now you can imagine the other birdhouses were just as pretty, sparkly and sweet. Thanks for looking.

The birdies were also sold long before I managed to take a picture of them, this is the only one left. I will make a few more because I love them. Notice the rosette? Tim Holtz is a genius, and I hear he is coming up with a mini one, how lovely! So this is it for my Shabby Sunday Share, enjoy!

Cheers and happy Sunday,

1 comment:

Tam Hess said...

I love sparkles, these are my kind of bird houses for sure! The bird so super cute too!! xoxo


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