Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pretty Paper Slippers

You know when you're dying to try something, but really have no reason to? Yeah, well that's where these came from. I loved them when I saw them Artful Affirmation, where she has a template you can use and a video tutorial too, which is awesome for you visual types. I hear a  lot of people do exchanges of these pretty shoe slippers, and giving them in gifts would be absolutely I had give them a try. I love how they turned out.


I trimmed mine with feathers and velvet ribbons.

I used a handmade paper rose, and the accordion folded paper is from the rosette die.

This one has a rosette with a button middle.

I put a back on both of them, it definitely makes them look more elegant.  


Rebecca said...

oh my those turned out so beautiful. I really am going to have to get that rosette die lol.

Christine H. said...

I love these! It's probably too much to ask, but the lady will also be needing a paper gown (and tiara.)


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