Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Missed Sharing These

I know Christmas is over and all, but I missed sharing these with you all.... they were in my old camera. I was so taken by my new Canon Rebel, that I neglected the memory card in my old Cybershot for a few weeks!!

Anyhow, I really enjoyed making them and using the rosette die from Tim Holtz, delicious! I will eventually post a few other items I made with that rosette die, I LOVE it! I'm thinking of buying the big tag die too, it looks great and who doesn't love those amazing tags, I'm thinking of making a few Valentines ones, they would be awesome to give with a bouquet of roses!


Rebecca said...

Love the card V.
I have been eyeing that rosette die and the tag die. I almost bought it with the order I just did with Scrapinggreatdeal, but at the last minute took it off the order. Scrapbookers never have it in stock when I have the 40% off coupon either. I do have a Silhouette now but it doesn't cut chipboard. Overstock has an artist trading card die that I want as well.

Tam Hess said...

Really like your style! Beautiful cards, the first glitter tree are my fav and last image comes in second. I love that vintage look you do. :)

Sybillinart said...

Great Cards V.; I am glad you still post your work here; I am missing you on Etsy!!...
Oh Rosette die must be a blast!...


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