Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thrifty Finds

I am cheap, ok well not really really cheap, but very very thrifty....just one of my many good traits!! Anyhow, just to show off a little, I've been wanting a pair of pinking shears forever, but I didn't want to pay $16-28 for a brand new pair. It's not like I was dying for a pair, so I took my time deciding weather they would be worth it. Lucky for me, I happened to be in a thrift store looking for something else completely, when I came across these!! I didn't even test them out, for a buck fifty, I didn't care how well they worked! I got 'em home and I am still thrilled (it's been a couple weeks) with them, they are as sharp as brand new and cut like a hot knife through butter, they look like they were never used!
Another curious thing, they were made in Canada! Not much is made here nowadays.

Can you guess what could be inside?
Another little gem I haven't blogged about....this little case I came across at a garage sale this summer. Now, the only reason I have it is because of something I read on Lark and Lola's blog a while back, always look to see what's inside.

Well I did! Check it out, I got it for $20 and it has an extra roll of inked ribbon and it still works perfectly too. Not sure where and when I will display it in my house, since it's always full of kids who want to touch everything, but I am sure I will one day have the perfect place to show it off.

Another curious thing, it's also made in Canada.....wowie!
So happy with both thrifty finds!



Audra said...

Fantastic finds! I came by way of Tales from Bloggeritaville and so glad I did. I have my mothers pinking shears and they too were made in Canada. She bought them when she was visiting in the 1960's and used them for 30 plus years. I use them now and they are still as useful as the day my mother bought them.

The typewriter is an excellent find. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
Happy Thrifting.

Audra from Arizona

Anonymous said...

I was going to guess it was a record player. Even better as a traveling typewriter. Great price and super find with extra ribbon.
I would display it with a sheet of paper rolled in and the first line of either a great novel typed out, or the first line of a great novel you are going to write. (or a favorite quote)
I am loving hearing about things made in Canada!

Betty said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Thrifty Thursdays. Those are both great finds. Good pinking shears are so expensive.

Sybillinart said...

Wow Love your finds! Take me with you for your next thrift store shopping!!

Here On Crow Creek said...

Great finds! I have seen some typewritters at the salvation army but never bought one. I would looooove to have one though. Yours is one I would have bought. Love the black.


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